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Announcement: FAL Lawyers - new brand & website

Melbourne, May 14, 2012: Founding partners Peter Francis and Jenni Lightowlers announced today the launch of a new brand identity for FAL Lawyers, along with a new website.

FAL's new brand complements its companion advisory service on brand strategy, FAL Marks & Brands, launched in November 2012.

FAL’s new website includes details of legal expertise and industry experience for the firm and each of their experienced practitioners.

Regarding the new website, FAL Partner, Jason Watson said: ‘Companies and organisations requiring legal services have for many years used a firm’s website to assess the technical legal skills of that firm. While this continues to be the case, in recent years, we have found that companies place the same or greater importance on the experience their lawyers have advising their industry, as commercial acumen is as important as legal skill.

The importance of industry experience is magnified in the technology and innovation space, according to FAL Partner, Jenni Lightowlers: ‘Technology that may have been developed with one application or one industry in mind can often be commercialised in other industries; for instance, a patented technology intended for the mining sector might have a path to market in other industries, for example Defence and vice versa. In such circumstances, it’s extremely important that companies have certainty that their lawyers are technically proficient with regulatory requirements applicable to different industry sectors, while also understanding the commercial drivers of key players in each.’

FAL’s ability to get to “yes” quickly in complex commercial transactions is in large part due to the experience of their lawyers acting for clients in different industries, according to Peter Francis: ‘As a firm and as individual practitioners, we have seen significant deals from every side of the table, that of the multinational corporation, SME, government agency and research entity. Provided the necessary due diligence and regulatory compliance is fulfilled, it is in the interests of every party to reach agreement quickly and efficiently and our experience helps facilitate this.’

About FAL Lawyers:

FAL Lawyers (Francis Abourizk Lightowlers) was established in 1993 and has built up a market-leading reputation in providing strategic commercial advice around corporate, regulatory, intellectual property and technology matters. FAL advises major corporations, technology SMEs, government agencies, not-for-profit organisations, research institutes and CRCs.

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