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Announcement: FAL Marks & Brands Launch - falmarks.com.au

Melbourne, November 26, 2012: Founding partners Peter Francis and Jenni Lightowlers announced today that FAL Lawyers has launched its new companion service, FAL Marks & Brands.

FAL Marks & Brands delivers high-level legal advice on branding strategy, trade mark protection, social media and marketing.

FAL Partner, Jason Watson said: ‘In recent years, our clients increasingly seek holistic advice on trade mark and branding strategy, taking into account areas such as social media and e-marketing where technology is advancing at a faster pace than the law. The FAL Marks & Brands team offer a seamless, streamlined service for our clients who benefit from our in-depth experience at the forefront of emerging technology ’.

Online marketing is increasingly intertwined with trade mark advice, according to FAL Special Counsel, Marianne Dunham: ‘in an increasingly globalised and web-based marketplace, the pace of competition in business has increased, so we find ourselves advising clients on issues such as domain name disputes, Google Adwords and branding strategy online, at the same time that clients are seeking to register their trade marks.’

‘Recent worldwide cases highlight the need for robust risk management policies around social media, both in terms of usage by employees and third-party content appearing on an organisation’s social media pages’, said FAL Lawyer, Susan Reece Jones, who has worked with major international brands, including Coles Myer, Kmart, Nike and Kraft Foods. ‘With proper advice from the outset around management of these risks, social media becomes a powerful asset with which to promote your brand.’

FAL’s commercial approach affords clients the opportunity to leverage our expertise and networks. ‘Trade mark advice in today’s world goes beyond the mere registration of a mark’, said FAL Senior Trade Mark Attorney, Fabiola Dos Santos. ‘When clients are at the early stage of developing their unique brand identity, we work with leading experts in fields such as marketing and graphic design to ensure that a brand is not only protected but highly effective at raising awareness about a product, service or organisation.’

For further information on FAL Marks & Brands, visit www.falmarks.com.au

About FAL:

FAL Lawyers (Francis Abourizk Lightowlers) was established in 1993 and has built up a market-leading reputation in providing strategic commercial advice around intellectual property, including commercialisation and licensing. FAL advises multinational and ASX-listed companies, SMEs, government agencies, universities, healthcare providers and research organisations, including advising over 70 CRCs (Cooperative Research Centres).

For more information please contact:

Jason Watson | Partner

Phone: +61 3 9642 2252 | jw@fal-lawyers.com.au

26 November 2012