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When it comes to unusual commercial contracts and corporate agreements, we’ve negotiated some of the most complex and unprecedented contracts in Australia, from one of the world’s largest ever software licensing deals to a head contract for collaborative between over 70 organisations. We’ve even negotiated multi-party agreements to establish a health service while at the same time advising on the drafting of legislation to enable the service to operate.

We have advised on the acquisition of countless technology companies, where due diligence and valuation of intangible assets can be particularly complex.

Our lawyers have a wealth of in-house experience. We effectively act as in-house counsel for many of our clients, with the added benefit of the expertise and confidentiality that a well-resourced external law firm provides.

Being the go-to legal advisor for SMEs, biotechnology companies, government agencies, healthcare providers and CRCs, has given us expertise in the full gamut of corporate & commercial legal issues likely to affect those organisations.

Template Agreements

A well-drafted contract for regular agreements and transactions does not always require the services of a lawyer. In order to help our clients manage their future legal costs, we can develop suites of model template agreements tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, whether you’re an established multinational or a technology start-up.

Significant matters

Rio Tinto: FAL Lawyers advised in relation to the full gamut of agreements for technology innovation in the UK, the US and Australia, including joint ventures, research & development agreements, technology licensing, university research agreements, student agreements, confidentiality agreements and directors’ duties.

On behalf of a listed biotechnology company, FAL conducted an intensive 2 year negotiation (including mediation) with a key Commonwealth Research Agency regarding commercial, licensed technology field and patent management rights. Through FAL’s careful conduct of this negotiation, the client’s desired outcome was achieved and the framework was laid for the re-building of a mutually beneficial relationship with the Commonwealth Research Agency.

FAL Lawyers advised on the collaboration with Centre for Biomedicine & Genetics at the City of Hope in LA, USA (a leading research and treatment centre for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases), for the co-development and clinical trial in humans of Benitec’s RNA-based HIV therapeutic.