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FAL Lawyers have had a constant presence in research, innovation, protection and commercialisation for 20 years. We are recognised by multinational corporations, government agencies, SMEs and research bodies as experts in intellectual property, information technology and other emerging technologies.

Whatever your business, your IP is one of your most valuable assets, whether it’s patented technology, unique designs, copyright works, software code or your brand identity and trademarks. Our lawyers and practitioners can help you identify, protect and commercialise your IP at any stage of your organisation’s life cycle.

Our experience covers all stages of the innovation lifecycle from capturing the very inception of a new idea, research and development contracts to employment agreements and IP Policies, to fundraising, corporate structuring and licensing and commercialisation of IP.

Our team works across all forms of IP and across all industries, including:

  • Protecting Confidential Information and Privacy
  • Copyright, Designs, Moral Rights and Authorship disputes and advice
  • Trade Marks and Branding
  • Plant Breeders Rights
  • Patent licensing and commercialisation
  • Software and IT Development contracts