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Innovative technology companies, research entities and not-for-profit organisations need to maximise the use if funds by ensuring that their organisation is structured in the most tax-efficient manner possible and that any available tax concessions for their activities are fully applied.

For major R&D projects, tax issues (for foreign corporates) are a key issue at the bid stage, as decisions are made about business structure and financing. When providing taxation advice, we take into account the commercial imperatives likely to dictate a transaction.

Working with companies conducting R&D, CRCs, NFPs and the like has allowed us to develop specialist expertise on a range of tax issues applicable to the sectors we advise. Large, profitable businesses may be entitled to significant tax concessions for their R&D activities.

Not-for-profit organisations, as well as non-profit departments within large businesses may be eligible for special concessions such as income tax exemptions and payroll tax exemptions.

Maintaining a competitive edge sometimes involves challenging conventional wisdom on interpretation of the tax code. If your organisation needs to be involved in a taxation dispute, our experience working with government allows us to negotiate with regulators and taxation/revenue offices to achieve swift, cost-effective and commercial outcomes.

Our taxation services include the following:

  • Tax effective structuring and re-structuring for companies, research vehicles, trust and Joint Ventures
  • Income tax exemptions for not for profit organisations
  • Payroll tax exemptions for non-profit and charitable institutions
  • Tax impacts on creating and commercialising intellectual property
  • Taxation litigation
  • R&D tax incentives
  • Corporate tax obligations
  • Stamp duty
  • Land tax
  • Compliance with ATO and SRO obligations