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We are passionate about partnering with our clients to help drive their business forward.

To find out more about how a boutique, specialist firm can be such a trusted advisor to CRCs as well as organisations like Rio Tinto and major government departments, hear what our clients have to say about us in the following comments.

Evolving the CRC with flexibility for the future

“We’ve worked with FAL since the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program was established in the early 90’s. They’ve guided us with set-up structure, as well as day to day legal advice. There have been three incarnations of our CRC, all slightly differently as the program has evolved, with the last the most complex. It’s four years since the last restructure and thanks to FAL’s great advice we have flexibility for the future, depending on how successful we are.”

Robert Cowan, CEO, Hearing CRC

Start-up and beyond – a new commercial funding entity

“I worked with FAL to establish a new multi-million dollar research and innovation investment company. FAL advised on funding agreements (state and federal); membership agreements; research project agreements, fellowship agreements and scholarship agreements; and they managed our application for tax exemption. FAL made life really easy by delivering timely practical commercial outcomes, not just isolated legal results.”

Dr Bruce Godfrey, Founding CEO, Brown Coal Innovation Australia Ltd

International Negotiations: Commercial Biotech Agreements

“We are an ASX-list biotech company and FAL is effectively our in-house counsel. They understand the complexity of biotech deals and the commercial realities of research across borders. As an example, FAL recently developed a win-win commercialisation strategy for us with an international partner, managing the complexity – both legal and cultural - in a way that maintained our very good relationship with our partner.”

Dr Peter French, CEO, Benitec Ltd

Proactive, reliable advice, at the right price

“I’ve found FAL to be really knowledgeable and well-connected. FAL have built up an extensive understanding of our business and they actively pursue that interest, making well-thought-out recommendations. They help us stay ahead of the game, whether it’s taxation, commercial negotiations or employment law. Their fee structure is also really good.”

Sue Rolland, General Manager Corporate Services, ARRB Group Ltd

Prompt and efficient legal advice, here and abroad

“FAL are specialists in R&D law and implementation. They consistently seek the outcome that will deliver maximum benefit to all parties, in the minimum time and at the minimum cost. Our people got very used to their efficient, prompt turnaround. FAL are highly skilled in managing complexity or uncertainty, whether operating in Australia or internationally. They make it simple, straight-forward, clear.”

Janet Elliott, Former Commercial Manager, Rio Tinto

Advice that stands up to scrutiny and helps us succeed

"I have worked with FAL for nearly 20 years. They were instrumental in establishing the Vision CRC and everything that involved, and have worked closely with us in the years since, drafting contracts with other parties we’ve engaged with as a CRC and playing an invaluable role in resolving disputes. I have found their counsel on business, academic and relationship matters to be extremely good and valuable to our survival and prospering. I recommend them to any research organisation that is considering establishing a CRC, any NGO establishing themselves in Australia, any government organisation that wants to work with private industry or public institutions, or any industry corporation looking for an extremely competent firm of contract and business lawyers."

Professor Brien Holden, CEO, Brien Holden Vision Institute and The Vision CRC