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Month: October 2014

SMEs: Top 5 Tips for capturing IP

  Businesses should check to ensure that they have the right tools in place to capture valuable intellectual property (IP) benefits created by their employees and in collaborations with third parties. Following are the key guiding principles and some tips to consider: Dealing with Employees Guiding Principle: You automatically own any IP your employees create … Read More

How to Create Successful Brands for Not for Profit Organisations

Many not-for-profit organisations believe their brands do little to assist in projecting their products and services to the public. Often, people working in not-for-profits are motivated by a passion in a particular field such as art, humanities or research. It is easy for such people to forget that a strong brand under which to market … Read More

Fluid Trade Marks: What are they all about?

Over the past few years, the term ‘fluid trade marks’ has been appearing more and more in relation to business on the internet and in the commercial space generally. Assumptions have been made as to what ‘fluid’ means and the implications associated with this type of trade mark. In a nutshell, as the name suggests, … Read More

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