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Michelle Wilson

TikTok, Parkinson’s Disease and a good-news story of Collaborative Innovation

A story of design innovation and ingenuity emerging from the video sharing app TikTok™ should not be as surprising as it first appears. Jimmy Choi, an American marathon runner and Ninja Warrior competitor, posted a video to social media site TikTok™ in late December 2020. Choi was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2003 and demonstrated … Read More

New Year – Trade Mark Checklist for 2021

With the beginning of the new year, it is important that you reflect on where you are and what you hope to achieve with your trade mark portfolio.  Whilst a ten-year renewal period for trade marks tends to encourage a ‘register and forget’ attitude, you can leverage and maximise your trade marks portfolio through regular … Read More

A Nutty Trade Mark Dispute: Kraft v Bega

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia unanimously dismissed Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC’s (Kraft) appeal of a decision entitling Bega Cheese Limited (Bega) to exclusive use of the distinctive trade dress or ‘get up’, consisting of ‘a jar with yellow lid, yellow label, blue or red peanut device (logo) and having a … Read More

Victoria Beckham is in a “VB” Trade Mark Dispute in Australia

Former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham recently appealed IP Australia’s decision to register two trade marks featuring the initials “VB” for use on cosmetics by a Sydney-based skincare company VB Skinlab Pty Ltd. Beckham contends that the trade marks “would be likely to deceive or cause confusion” in Australia because her fashion and … Read More

Maximise protection of your business via Trade Mark Registration

While most companies know that they need to register their company name, not all company, business name or domain name – owners are aware that the best protection of their rights is through a trade mark registration. Company names, business names and domain names do not give proprietary rights as such, although they do provide … Read More

Trade Marks in Australia

What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a sign used to distinguish the goods or services of one manufacturer or seller from those not produced by that manufacturer or seller. The application of a trade mark to goods or services adds to their value. A trade mark can be in the form of … Read More

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