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Business Terms & Conditions

Business Terms & Conditions

Having clear and comprehensive business terms & conditions is critical to ensuring the success of your business, making sure you get paid on time and are protected if a legal dispute arises.

At FAL we specialise in preparing simple, easy to read business terms (including terms & conditions, credit applications, disclaimers, and website terms of use) – all for a fixed-fee to provide you with certainty around your legal fees.

Our fixed-fee services include:

  • Firstly, an initial meeting with a lawyer to learn about you and any issues facing your business
  • Drafting or amending customised business terms (such as terms of sale, credit applications, disclaimers, website terms of use, privacy policies)
  • Finally, a follow-up consultation to answer any questions you may have and to finalise your documents

With more than 20 years of legal experience, our clients range from sole traders, start-ups and SMEs through to large businesses across a variety of industries.  This experience means we avoid generic documents and instead create tailored, custom terms which address your business’ needs, for example:

  • allowing you to register a security interest (PPSA) and protect your position if a customer goes into liquidation;
  • enabling you to submit a payment claim under the Security of Payment (SOP) legislation; and
  • ensuring your terms are compliant with the Australian Consumer Law and the consumer guarantees.

We work with our clients to provide business terms in a form which is more suitable for their business, whether that is a signed contract, terms attached to a quote or invoice, or a click-wrap agreement on your website (i.e. click “I accept” to agree).

Please contact one of our specialist business lawyers for a fixed-fee estimate.

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