From Pipe Dream to Commercial Success: Boron Molecular Case Study

Over the years, we at FAL have had the opportunity to go beyond providing legal advice and become involved as promoters, investors and directors of technology-based start-up companies.

Given our firm’s history and specialisation, many of those companies were formed around technologies developed by clients we have acted for in the research sector.

Boron Molecular

The first of these is a company called Boron Molecular. They are a specialty chemical and polymer manufacturer, based in Melbourne. And just like FAL Lawyers, they were borne out of the CSIRO.


The Story of Boron Molecular

In 1999, an opportunity emerged to take a licence from CSIRO to a an organo- boron technology and associated compound library. Up until then CSIRO had commercialised this technology by selling the compounds out of a proprietary catalogue, but there was a bigger play to be had. Namely, to spin out the technology into  a start-up company which became known as Boron Molecular Pty Ltd.

Cutting a very long story short several CSIRO personnel joined the Company, we secured support from some brave investors and got started under a licence from CSIRO.

The Company has been through many changes since its formation, but it is still going strong some 23 years later. Boron’s website states they have successfully commercialised multiple Australian innovations. They are also active in a number of industry-led research initiatives to increase Australian advanced manufacturing capability. Boron have expanded internationally, establishing operations in the US as well as several agencies in Europe and Asia. Boron also facilitated a number of successful careers outside of CSIRO for the research scientists who made it all happen. 

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Want to Make Your Vision a Reality?

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We can assist you through all stages of the technology commercialisation process, from forming the company, to protecting your asset and providing ongoing legal advice. And we’ll ensure you get the best deal for your hard work.

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