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Our Insolvency Lawyers and Restructuring Lawyers provide specialist, commercial and strategic advice to liquidators, administrators, receivers, bankruptcy, creditors and company directors. 

Additionally, we understand fast and urgent action is often required in insolvency.

Finally, our Insolvency Lawyers team has the resources and insolvency law expertise to act quickly and manage the situation for you.

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    We advise clients on various insolvency issues including

    Our Insolvency Lawyers advise company director’s about the options available when your business is in financial hardship and facing insolvency
    Advising clients throughout the voluntary administration and liquidation process
    Advising creditor’s on various issues arising from the external administrator’s investigation process
    Various restructuring arrangements including Deeds of Company Arrangements and Creditor’s Trusts
    Personal bankruptcy appointments
    Advising Trustee’s on various issues arising from their investigations into a Bankrupt Estate
    Unfair preference claims and other voidable transaction claims
    Insolvent trading claims

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