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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property team provides strategic, commercial advice to ensure our clients maximise the value of their intellectual property. Our team of lawyers and IP attorneys have a wealth of experience. Accordingly, we work with research organisations, multinational companies, startups, charities, schools, and government entities alike.

Marks & Brands

Regardless of your industry, a well-protected and properly managed brand is one of your strongest assets. Whether it be a business or organisation.

Our approach to branding strategy goes far beyond the mere registration of a mark. Rather, It extends into online commerce and the use of our clients’ brands on social media sites. While we work from the ground up, we begin by advising on business and online domain names. After that, we look at competitor activities and trade mark strategy.

At FAL, we manage global and local brand portfolios for clients. Particularly fields including government initiatives, cosmetics, agriculture, and biosciences. Our clients value our work in:

  • advising on brand development for new brands
  • advising on strategy for existing brands
  • early trade mark searching and validity assessments
  • filing and registration services
  • managing trade mark infringement (e.g. cease and desist) and brand encroachment (e.g. oppositions) matters
  • portfolio management

We prosecute trade marks directly into Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, we have a strong overseas referral network. This helps us deliver quality advice and assistance around the world.


Unusually, our patent attorney Rhys Munzel is also an admitted Australian lawyer. Rhys especially enjoys working closely with both small and large clients. Overall, ensures that the patent protection approach aligns with the client’s commercial strategy.

Our patents team excels in tailoring our services to the needs of our clients. We customise our approach and communications to clients’ requirements. At the same time, we ensure clients can make informed decisions on IP protection. Additionally, our patent team also enjoys visiting clients onsite throughout Victoria. This helps us understand the client’s needs, while observing technology development first hand.

Our patent services include:

  • patent drafting, filing and prosecution
  • competitive National Phase Entry and renewals services
  • patentability advice
  • IP asset management
  • competitor search and patent watches
  • licensing, assignment & recordals
  • inventorship determination and disputes


At FAL, we recognise registered designs are often undervalued. However, they are an important aspect of many IP protections strategies. Our design services include:

  • Design Application Preparation, Lodgement & Prosecution
  • Design Registration & Infringement Advice
  • Commercialisation & Market Strategies
  • Design Registration Renewals

IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution

FAL adopts a commercially-focused approach to resolving disagreements. In the first place, it involves negotiation and mediation. Subsequently, a more robust dispute resolution and/or litigation. However, we recognise that disputes can arise from time to time. In particular, with matters such as IP. Furthermore, the cost and time involved in litigation can significantly affect many clients. Especially lean-structured technology SMEs. Therefore, we aim to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

The IT/IP dispute resolution services we offer include:

  • Patent disputes
  • Trade mark disputes
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • IT disputes (hardware, software and services)
  • Disputes regarding ownership of IP created by employees

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