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Litigation & Disputes

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in Litigation & Disputes both large-scale and small-scale matters not only in Victoria, but in New South Wales and Western Australia as well. Our team has experience acting in a broad range of court jurisdictions, including:

In addition to the above, our lawyers have experience in various dispute resolution forums such as Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria, Australian Financial Complaints Authority and other such conflict resolution and mediation forums.

Our commitment

FAL Lawyers is uniquely driven to find the most efficient and cost-effective approach to each case. Accordingly, this involves working closely with clients to best assess and manage all risks.  We always aim to avoid lengthy and unnecessary proceedings. However, we recognise that disputes can arise from time to time. And the cost and time involved in litigation can significantly affect many clients. We will always further seek to provide our clients with practical advice. And most importantly, we work hard to offer cost-efficient solutions.

Our experience in litigation extends across commercial contracts, construction and insolvency. Further, we assist clients on professional negligence, insurance, real estate, and employment.

Our Litigation & Disputes team excels in developing our services to the needs of our clients. We customise our approach and communications to clients’ requirements, thereby resolving disputes quickly and efficiently.

At FAL Lawyers, we believe in providing a whole-cycle service to our client. This means that we not only advise on the legal aspects of your case, but take into account all other circumstances that may be of consideration to you. Our experience in litigation not only allows us to assist you when your matter is at a court or tribunal, but allows us to predict potential issues that may arise with your contracts or arrangements prior to them occurring, thereby allowing us to assist you with appropriate strategic planning.

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