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Property & Conveyancing

At FAL Lawyers, we cover all your Property & Conveyancing needs. Particularly at a time of great financial weight, we know the value of sound legal advice. And therefore we aim to lift the weight from your shoulders. So that you can stress less and concentrate on making the right decisions for your future.

We will take you through the legal concerns related to your property. No matter the type of property, and whether you are a buyer or seller. For instance, tax issues, estate planning and assets. And in addition, planning restrictions and strata laws.

Our team of property lawyers have extensive conveyancing experience. So you can then benefit from our knowledge of all aspects of a purchase or sale. Therefore you can enjoy the security of a reliable conveyancing lawyer reaching all Victoria suburbs.

Our difference is in our conveyancing expertise. Moreover, we offer consistent, accurate, comprehensive, time-efficient and professional services. And above all, you can enjoy competitive rates. So you can rely on us for a job well done!

Our conveyance services include:

  • Collecting documentation for contracts
  • Prepare Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement
  • Evaluating and advising on the Contract of Sale
  • Exchanging the Contract of Sale with the Buyer/Seller
  • Conducting negotiations with the Buyer/Seller on terms of the contract
  • Preparing purchaser nomination forms
  • Advising on GST withholding requirements
  • Implementing Strata Report Inspections
  • Conducting online settlement


Our property team prepares Heads of Agreements and Lease Agreement. Additionally, we understand the important of effective upfront lease negotiations.

Our leasing and licensing services include:

  • Drafting leases and licences for commercial or residential spaces. On behalf of lessors, lessees, licensors or licensees
  • Reviewing and advising on leases and licences
  • Lease or licence negotiations with the other party
  • Drafting and negotiating deeds of assignment and deeds of renewal
  • Registering leases or caveats to protect lessees’/licensees’ proprietary interests

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