Cooperative Research Centres (CRC)

Supporting Cooperative Research Centres Since 1991.

At FAL, we specialise in navigating the complexities of Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). Our team of experienced CRC lawyers collaborates closely with research entities, ensuring they achieve their objectives and seize every opportunity.


A significant milestone in our CRC journey was in 1991 when FAL Lawyers drafted the inaugural center agreement for the establishment of a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). Since then, we've been privileged to serve over 100 CRCs spanning a wide array of industries, from capital markets and mineral exploration to digital health, cybersecurity, and innovative manufacturing.

Our legal support extends across all stages of a CRC's life cycle. Whether you're in the conceptual phase or an established entity seeking to evolve, FAL is your trusted partner throughout the journey.

We offer expertise and assistance in a variety of CRC-related matters, including:

  • Structuring: Crafting the ideal framework for your CRC's operation.
  • Intellectual Property: Safeguarding and optimizing your intellectual assets.
  • Taxation: Navigating the tax implications associated with CRC operations.
  • Employment Issues: Addressing HR and employment-related concerns.
  • Governance: Establishing sound governance practices for smooth operations.
  • Complex Commercialisation Negotiations and Deals: Expertly navigating intricate commercialisation discussions and agreements.
  • Winding Up: Ensuring a seamless winding-down process when needed.
  • Post-Centre Strategy: Helping CRCs chart their course beyond their initial phases.

Our partners have been instrumental in the CRC Program's development since its inception. We take pride in supporting CRCs as they adapt to meet the evolving demands of the program and its participants.


At FAL, we are committed to facilitating the success and growth of Cooperative Research Centres across Australia. Whether you're launching a new CRC or revitalising an existing one, our expertise is at your service.

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