At FAL, we specialise in offering expert legal guidance for insolvency, restructuring, and turnaround scenarios. Our team collaborates closely with liquidators, administrators, receivers, bankruptcy cases, creditors, and company directors to provide strategic and tailored advice.

We understand that financial hardships can be intricate, involving various areas of law, including property law, intellectual property, employment law, and commercial law. Our dedicated team has an in-depth understanding of how these complexities relate to insolvency matters. We are committed to ensuring that you receive precise advice customized to your unique needs.


We advise clients on a wide range of insolvency issues, including:

  1. •    Options available to company directors facing financial hardship and insolvency
    •    The voluntary administration and liquidation process
    •    Creditor-related issues stemming from external administrators' investigations
    •    Restructuring arrangements, such as Deeds of Company Arrangements and Creditor's Trusts
    •    Personal bankruptcy appointments
    •    Trustee-related issues in Bankrupt Estates
    •    Unfair preference claims and voidable transaction claims
    •    Insolvent trading claims
    •    Personal exposure of directors to company tax liabilities, including Director Penalty Notices

Expertise in Fast Action

We understand that swift and urgent action is often crucial in insolvency cases. Our team possesses the necessary resources and expertise in insolvency law to act promptly and efficiently to manage the situation on your behalf.


Intellectual Property Focus

We excel in advising external administrators on intellectual property claims that arise in insolvency cases. Intellectual property is often a forgotten asset of a business, and we work closely with practitioners to maximize the return to creditors.


Security Interests Expertise

Our team is well-versed in security interests under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009. We provide guidance on how it operates and help you protect yourself from being caught with an invalid security interest in an insolvency scenario.

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