Intellectual Property

FAL’s Intellectual Property team is dedicated to providing strategic and commercially sound advice, ensuring that our clients unlock the full potential of their intellectual property assets. Our team comprises experienced lawyers and IP attorneys with a wealth of expertise. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of clients, including research organisations, multinational corporations, startups, non-profit organisations, educational institutions, and government entities.


Marks & Brands

  1. In any industry, a well-protected and properly managed brand is a cornerstone of success, be it for a business or an organisation. Our approach to branding strategy transcends mere trademark registration. We delve into the realm of online commerce and the utilisation of our clients' brands on social media platforms. Our process begins with advising on business and online domain names, followed by a thorough analysis of competitor activities and trade mark strategy.

    At FAL, we effectively manage both global and local brand portfolios for clients across various sectors, including government initiatives, cosmetics, agriculture, and biosciences. Our clients trust us for:

    •    Advising on brand development for new brands
    •    Developing strategies for existing brands
    •    Early trade mark searches and validity assessments
    •    Filing and registration services
    •    Managing trade mark infringement (e.g., cease and desist) and brand protection (e.g., oppositions) matters 
    •    Portfolio management
    We register trade marks directly into Australia and New Zealand, and also leverage a strong international referral network, providing comprehensive guidance and support worldwide.


Notably, our patent attorney, Rhys Munzel, is both an experienced patent attorney and an admitted Australian lawyer. Rhys takes pride in working closely with clients of all sizes, ensuring that the patent protection strategy aligns with their commercial goals.

Our patents team excels in tailoring services to meet our clients' unique requirements. We customise our approach and communications to suit your needs, enabling informed decisions regarding IP protection. Our patent team even conducts onsite visits throughout Victoria to gain firsthand insight into technology development and client needs.

Our patent services include:
•    Patent drafting, filing, and prosecution
•    Competitive National Phase Entry and renewal services
•    Patentability advice
•    IP asset management
•    Competitor searches and patent watches
•    Licensing, assignment, and recordals
•    Inventorship determination and dispute resolution


  1. At FAL, we recognise the often-underestimated importance of registered designs in IP protection strategies. Our design services encompass:

    •    Design Application Preparation, Lodgement & Prosecution
    •    Design Registration & Infringement Advice
    •    Commercialisation & Market Strategies
    •    Design Registration Renewals

IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We adopt a commercial-focused approach to dispute resolution, beginning with negotiation and mediation, and if necessary, progressing to more robust dispute resolution and litigation. We understand the potential cost and time implications involved in IP disputes, particularly for lean-structured technology SMEs. Our aim is to resolve disputes swiftly and efficiently.

Our IT/IP dispute resolution services include:
•    Patent disputes
•    Trade mark disputes
•    Anti-counterfeiting
•    IT disputes (hardware, software, and services)
•    Disputes regarding ownership of IP created by employees

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