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Our team at FAL specialise in the dynamic world of Technology & Research. With our deep understanding of this ever-evolving sector, we empower innovators to flourish by licensing their cutting-edge technologies to others. Moreover, we facilitate the acquisition of rights to existing technologies, enabling their strategic use for licensing purposes.


Internationally recognised, we are leaders in intellectual property commercialisation, offering expert guidance on patents, designs, copyrighted works, trademarks, and software. Our track record includes successful licensing deals across diverse industry sectors, from biotechnology and agribusiness to mining and defence.

Our mission is to help our clients seize every opportunity for commercialization, even beyond the original scope of their technology's application. We understand that innovation knows no bounds.


What sets us apart?

  1. We have a vast network of professionals, including seasoned IP valuers and influential players with global industry connections. 
    With our wealth of experience, we ensure your technology's commercialisation on the most favourable terms. Our expertise extends to licensing technology on behalf of tech companies and collaborating with over 70 CRCs. We've also mastered the art of acquiring licenses from esteemed public sector entities, such as Universities and CSIRO.

Our commercialisation and licensing services include:

  • Patent & Technology Licensing Agreements: Maximising your technology's potential through strategic licensing agreements.
  • Technology Transfer: Facilitating the seamless transition of technology from innovators to end-users.
  • Plant Breeder’s Rights Commercialisation: Nurturing growth in the agricultural sector through plant breeder's rights.
  • In-licensing of Patented Technology: Expanding your technological portfolio by acquiring patented technologies.
  • Software Licensing Agreements: Unlocking the potential of software assets through well-structured agreements.
  • Trademark Licensing: Enhancing brand value through strategic trademark licensing.
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By partnering with FAL Lawyers, you gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of Patent & Technology. Contact us today to harness the full potential of your innovations.

For further information or to speak to one of our leading Technology lawyers, please get in touch today.
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