The celebration of International Women’s Day dates to the early 1900’s when the International Socialist Women’s Conference proposed an annual Women’s Day to promote campaigns for better working conditions, equal pay, and the right to vote. In Australia, we first officially celebrated International Women’s Day in Australia on the 8th of March 1928. 95 years on we continue to mark this date as a day to reflect on the accomplishments of women, to recognise the progress we have made, and shed light on the work still to be done.

Since 1996, IWD has followed a theme, focused on encouraging important conversations about a specific topic. This year’s theme is #EmbracingEquity, driving thought-provoking discussions around ‘Why equal opportunities aren’t enough‘ and ‘Why equal isn’t always fair‘. In these conversations we have found many interesting and varying views on what equity means to each of us. So, we asked our team to share their views.

At FAL Lawyers we are proud advocates for women’s equity and gender equality within the legal profession. To us, International Women’s Day is an important a day to celebrate the work of women around us. This year we launched our Female Astute Leaders network, bringing together inspiring leaders from a variety of industries.


What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you? Add your comments to our post on LinkedIn.

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