Courtney Remington

Courtney Remington

FAL’s junior commercial lawyer, Courtney Remington, has always had a strong passion for horses. Not only does Courtney own and look after horses, but she also regularly enters prestigious competitions and showcases her incredible talent for horse showing. In this article we talk to Courtney about how she manages to balance a busy work schedule, with her life in the horse-world.

How long have you been riding horses?

I started riding from the age of 2 years old, begging mum and dad for pony rides at local shows and fairs. At the age of 5, I got my first pony and not long after fell in love with discipline of horse showing.

Competitions take a lot of time and preparation; how do you balance this with your professional life?

I think because I have grown up competing, I have always had to create a balance between my horse riding and work, so I it almost comes naturally to me now to make time for both. Over the years, horse riding always required a balancing act between first school, then university and now my career as a commercial lawyer.

When climbing the rungs of the legal ladder, figuring out how to have both a career and to pursue your hobbies and passions can be tricky! It is no secret that lawyers work hard, but it is still possible to maintain your work-life balance through prioritising your workload, setting boundaries, effective time management and delegation.

For example, I recently competed at the 2023 Royal Canberra Show, coming away with a win in the Ladies Show Hunter Galloway class. Rather than taking a week off work, I was able to work at the FAL-Lawyers’ Canberra office throughout the work week and ride my horse after work and on the weekend.

What motivates you to keep competing?

Having a horse requires a lot of time and energy and is a big financial commitment, so you really have to love it. For me, it is such a thrill to represent your state at these renowned events, against the best of the best! But none of this would be possible without the support I receive from both my show team, Monica Croston and Courtney McLeod, and my wonderful workplace. Peter Francis, one of our equity partners, has been particularly supportive. I have a lot to learn from Peter, who manages to juggle running an entire firm with multiple impressive side projects and interests outside of work.

I am also inspired by my fellow colleagues at FAL who actively pursue their own hobbies outside of work whilst maintaining a high level of commitment to their work.

Do you think a hybrid work model makes it easier to balance hobbies?

Definitely! In the current post-pandemic climate, we live in, flexible work arrangements are continuing to be embraced by workplaces. I think that this allows staff to enjoy the benefits of additional time to take on new hobbies, whilst also keeping up with work. Without the hybrid approach I would not have been able to carry on my work from Canberra and compete without it interrupting my work.

Where to see Courtney next?

Courtney competes at the renowned Royal Melbourne Horse Show every year, and often travels interstate to compete on her horse, ‘Fergie’.

Most recently, Courtney’s horse has qualified for the prestigious Show Horse Council of Australasia Grand National Saddle Horse and Rider Champions 2023 to be held at Sydney International Equestrian Centre in the first week of April.

Glenny Triffet, current Vice President of Show Horse Council Victoria and previous Garryowen winner said, “It is a tough gig to qualify for Grand Nationals, so to even be there competing is an achievement in itself. Riders compete against the best of the best, and a huge effort goes into the lead up to the event, not to mention traveling the horses interstate.” Glenny, also juggled competing her horses with her job in finance over the years and said that it is a big appeal for employees these days to be able to maintain a healthy work life balance.

We wish Courtney the best of luck in her upcoming Sydney trip!

At FAL Lawyers we proudly support our employees in their various hobbies and passions, we believe that a balanced work-life contributes to a more efficient workplace. Our office at 600 Bourke St in Melbourne, facilitates a hybrid work model with collaboration in mind. This interactive space gives staff the ability to dial in from anywhere and interact with co-workers

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