FAL Lawyers would like to congratulate FrontierSI on successfully selling their innovative property valuation software Slate Analytics to PEXA Group Limited (ASX:PXA).

The deal sees PEXA acquire a 70% stake in Slate Analytics.

Developed in unison with UNSW, Slate Analytics calculates property valuations for urban development. The software uses big data, AI, and advanced analytics to explore the effect of new infrastructure and policy changes on the surrounding property values. Slate Analytics’s data-driven solutions will allow urban planners and policymakers to make more informed city planning decisions.

FrontierSI is a not-for-profit company established following 16 years of operations as the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information. FrontierSI have leading expertise in spatial mapping, infrastructures, positioning, geodesy, analytics and standards. They work with governments, industry and the community to lead transformational research and innovation.

Working with FrontierSI to ensure the best possible outcome for licensing their innovation was FAL partner Peter Francis, Senior Associate Rhys Munzel, and consultant Richard Browes.

Peter said “It was a pleasure to help the talented, innovative team at Frontier reap the benefits of their hard work.

At FAL we exist to support life-changing research and innovation and we love working with companies that share our passion for changing the world.”


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